Annual events to raise awareness for bird conservation

Great Canadian Birdathon

More than 7,000 people from across Canada (and from several countries around the world) participate in the Birdathon in May of every year.

During a 24-hour period, birders attempt to find as many bird species as they can, sponsored at a flat rate or on a per-species basis. Birders can designate the Calgary Bird Banding Society to receive a portion of the funds they raise.

Learn more about the Great Canadian Birdathon.

Great Canadian Birdathon 2022

The Calgary Bird Banding Society benefited from the efforts of 8 members and 2 friends in the 2022 Great Canadian Birdathon. They raised an impressive $5,180.50. Of that, about 25% helps fund conservation projects under the aegis of the Baillie Fund administered by Bird Studies Canada, and 75% ($3885.38) went directly to CBBS. This is extremely valuable funding as there are no restrictions on how the money may be used unlike the majority of CBBS funding.

CBBS appreciates the generosity and hard work of the following:

  • Moireen Cary
  • Douglas Collister
  • Amy Darling
  • Tessa Giroux
  • Henry Klassen
  • Shonna McLeod
  • Cyndi Smith
  • Bob Storms
  • Bill Taylor
  • Barry Trakalo


International Migratory Bird Day

Migratory birds travel long distances between breeding and non-breeding sites throughout the Western Hemisphere. International Migratory Bird Day is officially celebrated on the second Saturday in May in the U.S. and Canada.

CBBS is invited each year to participate in this celebration at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. We have developed a display and only need a keen individual or two to host our table each year. If this is an opportunity that interests you please let the CBBS Board know.

Learn more about the International Migratory Bird Day.