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Calgary Bird Banding Society

Since 1995, the Calgary Bird Banding Society (CBBS) has promoted the conservation of Neotropical migratory birds through research, bird banding, and fostering awareness.


The Calgary Bird Banding Society supports avian-based research related to migration monitoring and other banding-based studies. Our research has resulted in peer-reviewed publications.

Population trends

We assess and monitor trends in populations of Neotropical birds.

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We document significant re-encounters of birds banded by CBBS or recaptured by CBBS.

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View reports and publications that have been informed by our research.

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The Calgary Bird Banding Society manages projects in the Calgary region and beyond. Our flagship project is migration monitoring and other banding-based studies at the Inglewood Bird Observatory within Inglewood Bird Sanctuary (IBS) along the Bow River in SE Calgary.

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Develop research projects based on existing data or data that could be gathered within our existing projects.


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